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Weeds problem


Block pave drives are highly susceptible to weeds and moss growth between the joints. A regular weed killing treatment is advisable to keep them at bay. Weeds can grow at an alarming rate, we can remove the weeds during the cleaning process using a turbo lance. This tool has a rotating nozzle that reaches into the joints to remove the weeds. It won’t always remove the root, so a good quality weed killer needs applying. This will kill off the underlying roots. We are currently unable to offer a weedkilling service due to licensing laws, however, we can offer a sealer or polymeric sand that can help reduce weed growth. Truth be told thier isn't a cure for weeds other than regular applications of a good quality weed killer.

We have invested in the custom designed professional van packed high pressure equipment available to the market. Using powerful diesel jetters as well as flat surface cleaners ensures your driveway will receive the best clean possible, while keeping the mess to a minimum. we also use a combination of chemicals with this approach will leave your driveway looking revitalised and leave your whole property looking cleaner, brighter and more welcoming to visitors.

Free Biocide moss treatment


All block pave cleaning recieve a free chloride biocide moss treatment, this works by further cleansing the pave blocks for the following months preventing regermination of algea and lichen, leaving the the drive cleaner much longer.